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5 most beautiful beaches in Roses

In this article we want to help you enjoy your time in Roses. That is why we have put together the 5 most beautiful beaches in Roses.

In short, they are small beaches that will help you to disconnect from the center of town and get away from the crowd. Ideal to relax and enjoy the sea. Not to miss, at the end of the article we have prepared a map with directions to get from the tourist office.

Let’s go to the list of the 5 beaches that you must visit in Roses.

5 beaches in Roses that you should know for their beauty

cala la pelosa roses

1. Cala La Pelosa

There are few coves in Roses that stand out as much for their beauty as Cala La Pelosa. It is probably the most beautiful beach in all of Roses and we highlight it for its surroundings, clean waters, underwater soil ideal for diving, the tranquility of a cove little crowded with tourists and its remoteness from the town. Yes, it is certainly a bit far.

In the middle of the Natural Park, located between Cala Montjoi and Cala Joncols and a little hidden, is this magnificent cove, which has a chiringuito and little else. By size it has something more than 100 meters and is protected from the wind thanks to its shape and the rocks that protect it on the sides. In its seabed you will find seaweed and areas of great beauty that will be ideal for lovers of scuba diving, clean and turquoise waters and a path (the Camí de Ronda), which will allow you to take a short walk if you wish.

  • Location: Taking the road to Cala Joncols. The beach is located past Cala Montjoi, crossing a dirt road that becomes a bit heavy. It is located in a detour just before reaching Cap Norfeu.
  • Easy in getting: A little over 11 km from the center of the town is certainly one of the most complicated to reach. But for its beauty it’s worth it, don’t you think?
  • Comfort: Its soil is made of sand and small pebbles. On the shore is where you can best walk and we recommend wearing special shoes.

Because we like it? Especially because of its location. Being one of the less crowded and quieter beaches of Roses. We love for its beauty and the environment and to relax in a beautiful beach that will make you disconnect from day to day.

cala murtra

2. Cala Murtra

Another cove with characteristics similar to the previous one and a little closer to the town. It is located on the same road as Cala Joncols.

In this case we speak of a slightly larger cove, 150 meters long. A virgin and beautiful cove thanks to its natural environment. The difference of this cove with the others is that it is the most difficult to reach, having to cross a dirt road of about 15 minutes. So we recommend going light.

  • Location: 7 km from the tourist office. It is better located than the previous one and it is also reached by the Joncols road, before reaching Cala Montjoi. The car is left up on the road.
  • Easy in getting: It is difficult considering that you have to go down a dirt road to the beach for 15 min. Maybe the worst is the return. By car the road is all asphalt.
  • Comfort: Its soil is of and small pebbles. On the shore is where you can best walk and we recommend wearing special shoes.
  • Type of beach: Naturist.

Because we like it? It is a virgin beach, without constructions or anything of human remains. It is ideal to enjoy in family with tranquility without anyone who bothers you.

playa almadrava roses

3. Almadrava beach

One of the best known beaches of Roses and with good reason. Although we speak of a beach rather than a cove, with its 450 meters it becomes the largest beach on the list. This beach has nothing to do with the previous 2 but still we believe that it is the best you can visit for its proximity to the town and services.

This is located in the middle of the Almadrava urbanization, which although not much has access to restaurants, beach bars, campsites and activities such as paddle surfing and kayaking. It also has assistance service if any problem happens, so you can be calm if you go as a family. The seabed is of earth and in the bottom and rocky areas we find algae and quite vegetation, being ideal for diving.

The only problem that we see is the parking, being difficult to find at its peak time.

  • Location: In an area closer to the town of Roses. Surrounded equally of mountains and forest. Even so, we are in a quiet area away from the center.
  • Easy in getting: It is located 5 km from the center of Roses going by another road that borders the sea. It is much easier to reach than the coves that are located on the Joncols road. You arrive by car and if you don’t have it you can get there by public transport.
  • Comfort: It is a sandy beach, quiet at its ends and beautiful. Its waters are usually calm and clean, especially early in the morning. Although it isn’t the ideal beach because it is quite busy, it is easy to access and we recommend it if you go with your family. If you want to disconnect there are better.

Because we like it? We like it for its ease to get there, the being of sand and its tranquility in the early morning (until about 11 o’clock). It is perhaps the best sandy beach in Roses.

Cala Montjoi Roses

4. Cala Montjoi

Cala Montjoi is perhaps the best known of all Roses, but not because of its beach, but because of what we find in it. This cove of more than 300 meters is perfect for a relaxing day. A paradise for families who visit it where they can perform activities such as boat trips, kayaking, diving, etc.

On the beach we find an ideal resort to spend as a family where we find tennis courts, mini golf and other family activities. A perfect place for families and people you want to disconnect. All this in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus.

In addition to a few meters to reach the cove we find El Bulli Restaurant, one of the most recognized restaurants in the world owned by chef Ferrán Adrià.

  • Location: On the road to Joncols. It is the most important cove of the whole road. The beach is 9 km from the center of Roses. Remote yes, but it’s worth knowing.
  • Easy in getting: Quite easy since the asphalt is good. The only problem we find is that the road is full of curves, however we believe it is the perfect beach on the road in terms of ease of getting there.
  • Comfort: It is a stone beach that doesn’t stand out for anything in particular and is surrounded by mountains. In it you will find people but in no time you will be overwhelmed by it. It is ideal to go as a couple and to enjoy the surroundings.

Because we like it? Because it is not very crowded and because of the privileged environment that we find in it.

beach canyelles petites roses

5. Beach of Canyelles Petites

The cove of Canyelles Petites stands out mainly for its proximity to the center of Roses (it is the closest of all). It is a fairly small cove, about 250 meters, so everything is very crowded, something that can be a bit overwhelming. On an urbanized beach, full of flats, houses and tourist hotels, so it is usually quite busy and as you don’t go in the first hour it will be difficult to find parking.

Its soil is dirt and water is usually clean. It is ideal for playing tennis or practicing some water sport such as diving. On the beach we find a chiringuito where you can have a drink and where you can eat.

  • Location: A privileged place near the center. Surrounded by small mountains in all directions and buildings everywhere. The least natural of the list.
  • Easy in getting: Very easy. You will only have to take the road that borders the sea and in 4 km you are in it, just before reaching Almadrava. By location it is perfect, however you will have to bear its consequences. Difficult parking and a bit of stress during peak hours. We recommend getting there by car or public transport that runs every hour. You could also walk along the Camí de Ronda, although it is a long walk a couple of km from the port of Roses.
  • Comfort: Because of its easy access, proximity to the town and the services we find nearby.

Because we like it? Because it is not very crowded and because of the privileged environment that we find in it.

Other Roses beaches that we recommend visiting

We don’t want to bore you and the text already extended to us in excess. Here you have other beaches that we recommend you visit with time. Although they aren’t the most recommended for our taste, either for one reason or another, they are an option to visit. Especially if the days of stay allow you to visit them all.

  • Cala Canadell: Located near the Pelosa, is a beach of about 70 meters little traveled. It isn’t too comfortable for its large rocks, yes, it is beautiful and surrounded by vegetation. It is a naturist beach.
  • Cala Joncols: Giving name to the road, it is the farthest beach you will find and one of the best known of Roses. It is a beach of 300 meters, with a lot of vegetation and pebbles that don’t make it completely comfortable. It is ideal to dive for its clean waters.

Map with the best beachs of Roses

On this map you will find the most beautiful beaches of Roses and how to get there. As you can see there are two roads that take you to them. We have marked the location of the 7 beaches that we mentioned.

And what beaches of Roses do you prefer? What do you think is the most beautiful beach? If you liked the article you would do us a favor if you shared it through social networks. We will be very grateful.

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