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5 places to visit in Roses (and you can not miss it)

If you think that Roses are only beaches and buildings you are confused. Roses, apart from being one of the most beautiful bays in Europe and being surrounded by mountains, is a beautiful town that you should visit.

Part of its appeal is due to its long history, formed by different cultures and that you can know in these 5 places to visit in Roses. 5 places that you can’t miss if you visit our town.

5 sites to know about Roses

Although Roses is not the most beautiful town on the Costa Brava, it is one of the most historic. If you want to know part of this story you can do it in a few days.

In this article we have organized the sites you should see of Roses from most to least important.

1. Roses Citadel

Probably the most important place in Roses. The Roses Citadel (better known as Ciutadella de Roses) is a fortified enclosure. It was built during the 11th century around the Romanesque monastery of Santa María de Roses. Its fortification dates from the 16th century.

The magic of this place is inside, the remains found date from various periods throughout history. In the museum we find remains of different cultures.

A place that will take you back several centuries and that you can’t miss during your visit to Roses.

The best of the place? Walk along the road, seeing the remains of what was once a medieval city, the possibility of visiting it with guides, its museum and an economic price.

2. Trinity Castle

Or Castillo de la Trinidad for the local people to understand you. When you look towards the Puig Rom (the small mountain full of houses by the sea), you will find a castle that watches everything that happens in Roses.

Completed its construction during the reign of Carlos V, in the year 1544, it becomes another highly recommended visit to do.

After the Ciutadella de Roses, the next mandatory visit for any tourist, either with a guide or on your own. Discovering every corner of what was once a castle, is a real wonder.

The best of the Castle? Know the details of Roses’ past, imagine yourself immersed in the 16th century and the magnificent views of the Bay of Roses, especially in San Juan and in the sunsets.

To get there we recommend taking the car along the entire promenade or for the more adventurous to walk, passing through the port of Roses and the promenade.

If you are interested in guided tours you can take a look at their website. You can also contact on the phone 972 25 24 00. Be careful with the schedules, as it is not always open in winter.

3. Lighthouse of Roses

Taking advantage of the visit to the Castillo de la Trinidad, we recommend visiting the lighthouse of Roses.

Although it may be the least attractive place on the list, we recommend visiting it given its location and the views from the Camí de Ronda. From there you will see the whole Bay, from Empuriabrava to the Medes Islands.

The construction of the lighthouse dates back to 1864, when Isabel II reigned. As a curious fact, during the Medieval era, in the location of the current castle, there was a lighthouse that was destroyed to build the fort in 1544. This left Roses without a lighthouse in his village.

At present, the lighthouse is purely historical. It is a plant with a rectangle shape and a circular tower located in the central area of ​​the building.

Recommended to see? Only if you are going to visit the castle.

4. Megalithic Set of Roses

A little away from the town and occupying a long extension we find this megalithic set. As you can see, Roses is more than beaches.

On the road to Cala Montjoi and far from the crowds of people, we find remains of an ancient culture from more than 5000 years ago. For example, the Creu de la Cobertella (the most important dolmen in the area) dates between 3,000 and 2,700 a.C. being one of the best preserved remains of all Catalonia.

To make the visit you can get there on foot, although we recommend you get to the beginning of the road by car and leave it in the parking lot, which is free. From there take the route on foot (essential good footwear) and visit the rest of dolmens and historical remains that you will find along the way. If you want to take a look, some of the names of these places are the menhir and the ruins of Casa Cremanda, the dolmen of the Llit de la Generala and the Cap de l’Home.

To travel this route you will pass by dirt roads, cobbled walls, fields with cattle and beautiful views to photograph. It is ideal to get lost with your family during a morning or an afternoon.

Do we recommend it? If you like to walk the mountain and want to be quiet with your family, yes. Essential good shoes, a hat, sunscreen, bottles of water … and a sandwich to catch your strength!

For more information visit this link.

bunkers de roses

5. World War II bunkers

They are not part of ancient history nor are the best known sites in all of Roses, but you can not miss a visit to these bunkers dating from the Civil War.

He ordered them to build Franco (former military and Spanish dictator) during the Second World War to protect the bay from a possible attack by the allies. Although they did not fulfill their function, we believe that they should be visited. Located in Punta Falconera and surroundings, there are a total of 4 bunkers.

In the underground constructions we find a gallery of 30 meters of reinforced concrete, military installations and buildings intended for the military as infirmaries, residences or canteens.

How can you get to these historical places?

Our opinion is that you could visit the places in two days for the time of visit and location. Therefore it becomes ideal if the idea is to visit Roses in a weekend.

A possible itinerary would be:

Day 1: Make the megalithic route on Saturday and visit the bunkers.
Day 2: Sunday with more calm you could visit the museum and the Ciutadella de Roses and at noon you could visit the Castle of the Trinitat and the Lighthouse. The good thing is that it would give you time to take a walk in the early morning through the Roses market on Sunday.
The route and location would be this:

<iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>

If you want to visit us and tell us what you think of the visit you can find us near the Tourist Office, we are in the Plaça de Catalunya.

If you plan to rent in Roses to spend a few days we can also help you.

You dare? Now you know what to visit in Roses and you have no excuse. If you like these places, we will be happy to know. Leave us a comment to know!

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